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Delta Moon – Low Down

Six months ago, precisely on May 5, the labels Jumping Jack Records and Landslide Records released the album Low Down, recorded by the band Delta Moon. Who are they ? What is it about? Certainly nothing wrong, because they are promoted all over the world by Betsie Brown’s promotional house Blind Raccoon from Memphis.

Dynamic slide guitarist, harpist, singer and keyboardist Tom Gray and his “Blues Brother” Mark Johnson decided the only way to break the perception of what music is and what it can actually become. To simply stay “PAF”, this album is the tenth album in the series! Album offers us nine original compositions and three covers. The team that, in addition to Tom and Mark, makes Delta Moon is: Franher Joseph (bass), Marlon Patton (drums) and backing vocalists Anna Kramer and Francine Reed.

This band has very much established itself on the world blues scene. After winning the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2003, the band started touring significantly in the United States, Canada and Europe. In particular they have left their mark in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. Establishment proceeded rather quickly within the blues milieu, so that today Delta Moon name is something  that will always be recognized. Their album Low Down brings to us music, brings the blues in its primordial meaning and existence. The album echoes with  sounds of traditional blues and intoxicating slide, whose unobtrusive sound attracts the attention of the audience.

After several repeated listenings, Tom and company are very active in the musical will of the listener. To immediately understand each other, there’s too much wisdom, all lies in the ease of access, but also in presentation  form. It as such, with its beauty and sensuality literally sticks and collects all its fans, and they are more than a few.

To enjoy the true Delta blues, seek the album Low Down by Delta Moon, about which the famous writer, winner of the prestigious award for journalism KBA, Dave Rubin writes: “Delta Moon is as deep and evocative as a late night stroll down the back roads of Mississippi. Like figurative hell hounds, Gray and Johnson haunt the blues trail of the mind, spirit and body.” And it is 100% accurate. Anyway, see for yourself!

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