Review of Low Down in Twelve Bar Rag (USA)

Delta Moon
Low Down

Twelve Bar Rag

Reviewed by “Southside” Paul Weigand

Delta Moon is one of those bands most people know of but don’t really know.

Did you know … Delta Moon won the IBC in 2003?

Tom Gray was named Blues Song Writer of the Year by The American Roots Music Association in 2008?

Tom Gray’s songs have been recorded by Cyndi Lauper (“Money Changes Everything”), Manfred Mann, Carlene Carter, Bonnie Bramlett, and many others?

Low Down is Delta Moon’s 10th CD?

End of history lesson. Let’s get current.

Delta Moon’s current lineup consists of Tom Gray on Lead Vocals, Lap Steel, Guitar, Keyboards and Harmonica. (He also wrote or cowrote 9 of the 12 tracks). Mark Johnson does Guitar and backing vocals, and Franher Joseph is doing Bass and backing vocals. Marlon Patton is on Drums and percussion. Tom and Mark have been partners in crime since the beginning after a chance meeting outside an Atlanta music store. Franher has been with them since 2007, they have a “new kid” on drums since the release of this disc.

“Nothing You Can Tell A Fool” is probably my favorite track though, the title says it all. We all have our moments where we need to listen to the people around us. But do we listen?Probably not! Great lyrics and music, and extremely soulful backing voice by Francine Reed. I think that is why I like this song just a bit better. What a voice!

“Open All Night” has a very bouncy rhythm and Great lyrics. ” Their back wall ain’t got no clock. Their front door ain’t got no lock..”. Tom plays some harp on this and it goes great with the slide in a jook joint kinda’ feel. These guys don’t mind taking turns with the lead and it works really well.

“Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” is an old Skip James song, (Google him if you’re not familiar, his voice was positively eerie!) They give this song a real Delta feel, but with a Delta Moon spin to it. I’m of the electric Blues school, but love to pay tribute to the roots. They do that quite well on this song. You can hear the Delta talking to you if you listen close.

I was fortunate enough to see Delta Moon just a couple of days before I wrote this. Great show and if you like the CDs, you’ll like it live even better. Their shows are about fun and the music. They played about half of Low Down as well as a mix of their other CDs. Good times!

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