Review of Low Down in Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

Delta Moon – Low Down


Still a feature of the today’s blues-rock scene, Delta Moon over the last few years has developed a sound that is completely their own, based on the two slide-guitars and the memorable voice of Tom Gray. On Low Down one can again find examples of why I think the band is one of the most important bands of today.

Sometimes relationships just break out that were born on the wrong side of town. Some dreams are so bizarre that they should just be filmed immediately. “Nothing You Can Tell a Fool” tells about a just such a story, where the dreamer is told there is free beer in a pub, but already there is no more. Instead there is a band on the stage. Tom Gray tells stories with his colleagues from the glamour-free neighborhoods, from the dirty and ordinary everyday life in the United States.

Even if an absolute “firecracker” like the unsurpassed song “Neon Jesus” is missing, Low Down is the blues for today, for people for whom clichés are no longer sufficient. Delta Moon are like Anders Osborne, Mike Zito or Lightning Malcolm the main songwriters of the blues in the 21st Century. Those who do not listen have only themselves to blame!

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