Review of Low Down in Weltmusik-Magazin (Germany)

Delta Moon: Low Down

Weltmusik-Magazin (Follow this link for the original German text.)

The new album Low Down from the blues combo Delta Moon is not yet available. Singer, composer and guitarist Tom Gray and his partner Mark Johnson met by chance when Tom Gray wanted to sell a used Dobro to Mark Johnson. The sale never came about, but Delta Moon was born. They are supported by Franher Joseph on bass and drummer Vic Stafford.

Friends of the blues, here is a great disc on its way to us (release is set for the beginning of May 2015). The music of Delta Moon is rough and honest. The compositions are indeed in expression blues, but Delta Moon once again leaves the familiar 12-bar blues pattern and presents music that, otherwise produced, could very well pass as rock songs. The recording is beautifully restrained — the pot is brewing, but they keep the lid on it. The slide-work of the two guitarists shimmers, always a highlight when they launch into solos.

As long as there are such bands, the blues will never die!

PS: Currently Delta Moon are on tour and even coming to good old Germany ( for tour dates).

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