New Delta Moon T-Shirt

We’ve added a new T-shirt to the Delta Moon webstore. We found a low-resolution version of this image of a skull moon breaking out from inside the sun and loved it. So we set out to find the artist and pay him for a printable version. The search, via the Internet, led around the world, and when we finally located the artist, Jack Bloom, he had an Atlanta phone number. After we’d talked and Jack sent a license contract, his street address looked familiar. Believe it or not, he lives in Cabbagetown! Thanks, Jack.

“Hell Bound Train” T-shirts

hell Bound Train print

For the cover art of the American (Red Parlor) CD of Hell Bound Train, our favorite album artist Flournoy Holmes asked his son Cooper to make a linoleum cut. I snapped the picture above when Flournoy stopped by an outdoor festival where we were setting up to show us the first print from the then still unfinished linoleum block. It’s hard to believe Flournoy has done six album covers for Delta Moon now. They are all terrific. But I think Hell Bound Train is my favorite.

It should have been a no-brainer to put the album art on a T-shirt. But I got sidetracked by a bout with cancer (a great all-purpose excuse, if nothing else), and it just never got done. Last month we finally made some to sell on our European tour. They were printed using a process called discharge printing, which removes pigment from the fabric instead of adding it. That’s the same way casino tabletops are printed, since a raised line of ink might affect the roll of the dice. Discharge printing makes a nice, soft shirt, with no stiff layer of plastic ink.

I was shocked at how quickly they sold out. We could have taken twice as many. The moment we got home I ordered another batch of both regular and ladies’ shirts.

Now you can get them at our shows and from the Delta Moon webstore .

His and hers "Hell Bound Train" shirts