The Complete Experience

Black urinals

Everyone knows how seriously the Germans take their beer. Each brew has its own distinctive taste and its own specially shaped glass. But it wasn’t until this last trip to Europe that I realized how much respect the Germans have for the complete beer drinking experience. I mean, what goes in must come out, and they obviously intend the exit to be pleasant, too.

In a country where 16th-century buildings are commonplace, I never saw an old bathroom. Each one looked as sleek and new as if it had been installed yesterday. And the toiletten looked so designed.

I could have taken more photos but had to pick my shots carefully. There as here, pulling out a camera in a public restroom can be misunderstood.

White urinals

Blue urinals

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  1. Angie
    Angie says:

    I will say that I read this whislt drinking a Pilsner with my grilled fish and veggies.
    I know this is a girly question but are their urinals higher than US ones?

  2. Gabrielle
    Gabrielle says:

    OMI…….puts those crickety outhouses ta mortal shame!
    n boy…(no pun intended!) I’d be in a whole lotta trouble with those urinals being higher! Noice photo works btw!!!
    Sweet On to ya n thnx for teh *smirkys*

  3. Anders Fajstrup
    Anders Fajstrup says:

    And FYI: the grey ones at top and the blue ones are no-flush urinals… No water-installations required, and low maintenance costs. All the rage in coutries with high water rates. 🙂

  4. Anna
    Anna says:

    Danke Tom, I’ve never been inside the men’s toiletten, in Deutschland or in the US, so this was a fun intimate look inside. Although now I don’t know if I will ever be able to let a German use my bathroom!

  5. Les from Mpls
    Les from Mpls says:

    Hey, the last photo (the blue canteen) is awesome…let’s CAPTION IT FROM CLASSIC BLUES TITLES….Les will start…you follow…we vote and winner gets…____??…TBD

    Take Five…Hound Dog Taylor
    I’m So Glad…Skip James
    Go Down Sunshine…Duffy Power
    Somebody’s Been Using That Thing..Delta Moon …get’s my vote
    Look On Yonder’s Wall…Hound Dog Taylor
    I Gotta Go Now….Elmore James…yes, real tune..strong second
    All Aboard…Muddy Waters
    Texas Flood…SRV
    I Think It Was The Wine…Corky Siegel
    I Brought The Rain…John Hammond
    Too Much Alcohol…JB Hutto (the master)


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