The Road

* Breakfast.
* Travel.
* Load in.
* Sound check.
* Dinner.
* Show.
* Load out.
* Hang a little.
* Sleep.
* Repeat.

Doesn’t sound like much of a life, does it? But I love it.

I’ve been on the road for much of my life. In the 1990s, after my son was born, I stayed home and pushed the stroller for a few years. Once he hit the third grade I started venturing out again. Now he’s about to graduate high school. I’d like to take him along on a tour, have him lug amps, change guitar strings and sell merch. That would be a different kind of education.

Leaving out all the hard parts, I would describe life on the road to him this way:

* See the world.
* Eat good food.
* Meet interesting people.
* Make people smile.
* Make people dance.
* Maybe even get paid.
* Repeat as long as you can.

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