Tom is Down


Every show in Scandinavia was a delight. We had a great time and made lots of new friends.

But the 10-hour flight from Copenhagen back to Atlanta turned out to be hell for Tom Gray. Nauseated, unable to eat, and wracked with pain, he finally staggered through customs and made it to a hospital. Tom underwent abdominal surgery last Tuesday. He’s still in the hospital today.

The prognosis is good, and Tom is recovering well. We’ve cancelled a few weeks of shows and are taking this one day at a time.

If you’d like to send Tom a get-well wish, please e-mail him at

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  1. Angie S.
    Angie S. says:

    Hey guys,
    My thoughts are with Tom, the family, and you fellows.
    If I were closer I’d bring over some pureed food.
    Hugs to ya!

  2. tomgray
    tomgray says:

    Hey, James, this is Tom. I’m out of the hospital now and have the doctor’s okay to go back to work after Thanksgiving. So we’ll see you in Tallahassee on the 28th.

  3. Ed Sauls
    Ed Sauls says:

    Hey Tom, it’s great that you are out of the hospital, but take care of yourself and take time getting your strength back. We fans will wait. (Well, at least a little while.)

  4. Margaret Adams
    Margaret Adams says:

    Still I’m sad.
    Insert here all types of love + prayers for you, Tom, your family. We/your vast musical family all love you.
    ONE IN A MILLION doesn’t touch you.

  5. Les from Mpls
    Les from Mpls says:

    Think positive and drink lots of fluids brother Tom!

    That’s been my formula (won’t comment on what type of fluid though)…plus Elmore James…you must have more Elmore James!!

    Seriously though, please know that we care deeply and pray for your speedy recovery bro’

  6. Neill Bogan
    Neill Bogan says:

    Tom, sorry to hear you were sick. Take care. Didn’t hear Delta Moon until tonight; great band, great sound. Many years since I heard you sing and glad to hear you again. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Ron Becker
    Ron Becker says:

    So Sorry to hear of your health issues. I am so far behind the times in everything, out here in California. I do hope to get back to Atlanta sometime soon, and will try to schedule it at a time when you folks are all well and playing. The last time I heard you live was in Portland, in 2004~! That is just a terrible absence on my part, but I still love the sound!~!~ I am listening to and enjoying your latest CD’s as I write this, they just arrived in the mail.

    Best to all!

    Ron Becker

  8. Tom Gray
    Tom Gray says:

    Thanks, everybody, for your concern and comments. Hearing from you meant a lot when I needed it most. The doctors say I’m doing the best I can possibly be doing now. Sometimes life just grabs you by the neck and gives you a good shaking. All of a sudden you look around with fresh eyes and see what’s really important. I hope I can keep seeing through these eyes, though, without another shaking any time soon.

  9. Les from Mpls
    Les from Mpls says:

    Just got my pre-released, autographed copy of “Hellbound Train” in the mail today and it’s AWESOME!!!!

    I play it all tracks start-to-finish…like the old days with vinyl…it’s well sequenced like that

    Love the Fred..banjo..francine…sax..hand claps…this CD is my new proudest possession..ghost in my guitar…about a Martin..i think that can $hit

    bro’…did you really say ‘I was down in Atlanta drinkin’ Vodka and Fanta’??….up here at the north end of the Delta…minneapolis…heard about Fanta…not available tho

    so very glad Tom is back in the parade

    Les from Mpls


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