Turn Around When Possible – Live Volume 2

Delta Moon Turn Around When Possible Live Volume 2

Many American bands touring Europe hire local drivers who know the roads, language and customs. But not Delta Moon. On a skin-tight budget and firm in the belief that the most beautiful part of the journey always comes when you get lost, we drive our own van, speak whatever languages we can, and navigate with the aid of a Michelin map and a GPS. Last spring our GPS repeated one phrase so often that we’ve adopted it as the title of our new live CD: Turn Around When Possible.

The ten-song, 55-minute album was recorded May 7, 2013, at Meisenfrei in Bremen, Germany, and mixed and mastered in Atlanta. It captures the band in the middle of a tour when we were relaxed and having fun with the audience. There’s plenty of slide guitar interplay and the kind of unique jamming that happens only at live shows. Release is set for October 15, but you can pre-order your copy, signed by the band, at Delta Moon’s website store.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern about our van, the Moon Pie. As readers of this blog may remember, last week we had a wheel fly off into the woods as we were driving down a North Carolina mountainside. The van is home now, with all four wheels on it, and we’re looking into replacing the rear end. All the mechanics tell us to stick with it, that at 99,000 miles this van is just getting warmed up.

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  1. Rolf
    Rolf says:

    Yesterday i have seen your kickoff gig at the Bluesfestival in Frick.Simply great stuff. I am waiting for the next time you come around.


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