Who Played What?

With both Mark and Tom sliding around all over the album Low Down, it may be hard to keep track of who played what. One reviewer may credit Tom for something Mark played, and another vice versa. Who knows the truth? I do. Here’s a quick guide to who played what:

1. “Wrong Side of Town” – Tom plays rhythm. Mark plays lead.

2. “Afterglow” – Tom plays rhythm. Mark plays lead.

3. “Nothing You Can Tell a Fool” – Tom plays rhythm. Mark plays lead.

4. “Mean Streak” – Mark and Tom both play rhythm. Mark takes the first half of the solo and the vamp out. Tom plays the second half of the solo, as well as Hammond organ and a synthesizer through a fuzztone.

5. “Lowdown” – Mark and Tom both play rhythm. Tom plays the fills in the verses, and Mark takes the solo.

6. “Down in the Flood” – Mark plays the opening lick, then Tom comes in with his riff. Mark takes the first solo. Tom takes the second.

7. “Open All Night” – The opening riff is played in unison by Tom on harmonica and Mark on guitar. Mark plays both electric and acoustic rhythm under the verses. Tom throws in a little electric piano on the choruses. Mark plays the first lick of the solo and Tom answers.

8. “Spark in the Dark” – The opening line is played by both, with Mark in the high octave and Tom in the low part. Mark continues the line under the verses, and Tom plays fills in the choruses. The solo is played by both: Mark takes the first lick, and Tom answers.

9. “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” – Mark plays a National resonator guitar. Tom plays lead on  a Moog lap steel.

10. “Mayfly” – Tom plays rhythm guitar in standard tuning — a first for Delta Moon. Mark plays the fills and solo.

11. “Jelly Roll” – Mark plays the intro and rhythm guitar in the verses. Tom takes the solo.

12. “Jacky Ray” – Tom plays the low rhythm part. Mark plays the descending line and the solo.

(Photo by Ian Rawn)

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